“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If trained well, it can create enormous wealth.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

Who we are

Your Freedom Empire was founded by Hayley and Paul Andrews with a simple objective – to provide you with the education, tools, resources and support to live life on your own terms and strive towards your goals.

Those goals may be:


Whatever your goals are, our goal at Your Freedom Empire is to help you achieve them.

What we do Best

We don’t just provide the education, content, training and knowledge – we provide the passion as well!

This passion was born from a particularly difficult part of Hayley and Paul’s life when one of them almost died. It was on the way to the operating theatre that they both decided that if they came out of this prominent life moment they would make it one of their life missions to help and assist as many other people from all over the world as they could – and Your Freedom Empire was born.

However, before they could help other people they had to “fix” their own life first and that’s where the education and learning came in. It is that concept of education, learning, passion, and real life examples that are shared with you today at Your Freedom Empire.

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Training Experts Focused on your Needs…

Our experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals (through detailed planning) in property, business and health – all with the correct mindset. Using their wealth of knowledge, you can count on us.

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