How to overcome fears

Fear creates strong signals of response when facing an emergency, for example, if we are caught in a fire or are being attacked. However, fear also appears in instances in business and your every day life. Fear can appear when you’re faced with non-dangerous events, like exams, public speaking, a business deal, a date, or even a new job. It’s a natural response to a threat that can be either perceived or real.

Some are afraid of failure, others are afraid of success. Regardless of the source of the fear, it immobilises too many and prevents them from achieving what they desire and are capable of. Below are tips on how to take control of fear, and make more informed decisions:

Educate yourself

We are afraid of nothing so much as the unknown. If your fear is based on a lack of information, then get the information or knowledge you need to examine the situation based on facts rather than speculation. Education is also linked with benefits in your life such as a more positive mindset through healthier lifestyles.

Another great outcome of using education to overcome fear is increasing your self-discipline, through managing your time, and creating your own success.

Seeking help

Whatever you’re afraid of, is it something you have to do alone? Chances are, a mentor has been exactly where you are right now. Athletes have coaches. Students have teachers. Being in business, you may find yourself in fear of a certain situation and having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor can provide you with a broad range of personal and professional benefits, which ultimately leads to improved performance.

Embrace fear and use it to your advantage

Fear exists to keep us safe. It is not bad, or good but a tool we can use to make better decisions. Fear isn’t designed to keep us inactive, but to help us act in ways that generate the results we need and want. By embracing fear as instruction and letting it inform your actions, you can learn to control it and use it to your advantage.

The difference between you and the people who succeed and the people you admire is they are willing to work and overcome their fears in order to get where they want to be.

Visualise success

Athletes may imagine the successful completion of a physical task thousands of times before achieving it. This mental mapping ensures that when the body moves, it’s more likely to follow its pre-ordained path. The same practice will prepare you to succeed at whatever you’re trying to achieve.

You can do this a number of ways through creating a vision board which can be a poster board, a piece of paper, notes in your phone, or anything you have. Also, occupying your mind on the daily commute, in the shower, before falling asleep will help you to visualise success.

Empowering yourself

Empowering yourself can give you the confidence you need to take a stand, and paired with education, you will be able to turn weakness into strength. It improves our decision-making capabilities and makes us agile. Also, on the flip side pay attention to any self-defeating thoughts you have. Try hard to be positive. It makes a big difference in your spirit.

Follow others, find a recipe

Are you doing something that has never been done, or can you follow the footsteps of someone else who has accomplished it before? Is there a formula for success? Has someone written a book on the topic, or can you tweak a formula from another field to meet your needs?

Do you want to start achieving your goals and break down your fears? Take a look at our courses and mentorships and take one more step to taking control.


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