Build An Income Stream Quickly over The Next 12 Months

“There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

What Is The Innovation Track?

The Your Freedom Empire Innovation Property Training Track is a 12 month journey That Has been carefully selected and put together for people looking to build an income stream quickly with little to no capital available to get started. The track will take you through controlling investments and raising finance with the knowledge of creative strategies and income streams all in and around property investments in the UK.

You will be left with a broad knowledge of the UK property market – a business in a box to implement and guide You on creative strategies, a solid tried and tested power team, experts in their field and your chosen mentor to help you excel your business and growth.

What Are The Benefits?

Specialist Creative Property Training Courses

Creative strategies and business courses – three handpicked courses for you creative individuals.

    • Rent 2 Rent Cashflow Fast Track – build income and cashflow from property that you do not own.
    • Professional Property Packaging – learn how to find and secure property investment opportunities that you will then source onto investors for a fee.
    • Innovative Strategies in Property & Finance – learn how to raise finance and purchase creatively to grow your investment portfolio.

For more information on the online property courses included in this Property Training Track please CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Learn From An Expert Mentor

The Property Mentors at Your Freedom Empire have been carefully selected for their vast knowledge and experience in Property. Included in your Innovation Property Training Track is your Property Wealth Mentorship. Your Mentor will work with you on your goals and help define a strategy / plan to achieve them – drawing on their own experiences and real life examples.

For more information about the Property Wealth Mentorship and what’s included please CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

A Cutting Edge Property Sourcing Platform

Included in the Innovation Property Training Track is access to a state of the art cutting edge property sourcing platform – enabling you to not only work with UK wide accredited sourcing agents but also find your own property deals. Exactly what you need to put all of your learnings into ACTION – which is what it is all about!

YFE Support Studio (Full)

Because support matters and we at Your Freedom Empire know all too well that training is one thing but questions often arise when doing and taking action. Everyone needs a hand to hold and support to help them move forward with confidence – with YFE you not only get this support from your Mentor but also from others on the same journey as you sharing their trials and tribulations – so we can all grow together with a solid support structure and a real family ethos.

The Your Freedom Empire Support Studio is your one stop shop for help and support over the 12 months (and beyond) of your chosen Property Training Track. Your Support Structure with the Innovation Property Training Track includes:

    • Facebook Group Lifetime Membership
    • A Day In The Life Of
    • YFE Help Desk
    • YFE Deal Clinic
    • YFE Support Buddy
    • YFE Brick Wall Workshop
    • YFE Alumni
    • YFE Affiliate Programme

With the YFE Support Studio that feeling of “being alone” in your property business is gone. You can relax safe in the knowledge that you have someone with you every step of the way that you can call on when needed.

Complete Property Business Setup

Through the Innovation Property Training Track and your Property Wealth Mentorship you will have everything that you need to run a UK property business setup for you. From a bank account to limited company formation – it’s all included.

A Full Power Team

With your Property Wealth Mentorship you will have access to tried and tested property experts covering the whole of the UK.


By working with your Mentor you will get to where you want to go faster – learning from their experiences and obstacles that they have overcome.

What’s Included In The Innovation Property Training Track?

Property Wealth Fundamentals

An online course from Your Freedom Empire teaching the fundamentals of property investment in the UK. This course will also help you decide which Property Strategy course to take as part of the Alpha Property Training Track

Property Wealth Mentorship

The Your Freedom Empire Property Wealth Mentorship is everything “you” need for your property investment business in the UK – from best in class Mentors to hand picked Power Teams

3 Online Creative Property Strategy Courses

3 handpicked creative property courses to enable you to work towards your goals with little to no starting capital

Sourcing Platform

Access to a UK wide, cutting edge Property Platform that will enable you to put your teachings into ACTION

Support Studio Full

Because support matters and we at Your Freedom Empire know all too well that training is one thing but questions arise when doing we have the Your Freedom Empire Support Studio for you

YFE Alumni

Access to the YFE Alumni for ongoing support in your property journey after you complete the Innovation Property Training Track

Lifetime Support

Lifetime support via the YFE Property Training Tracks Private Facebook Group

Additional Bonuses

Additional Bonuses specific to the Innovation Property Training Track

Earn Your Training Fees Back

Get a special rate for the YFE Affiliate Programme – allowing you to earn your training fees back and then some

“Intelligence solves problems and produces money. Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

Meet The Mentors

Dr. Wendy Sneddon

dr. wendy sneddon

Glenn Newson

Glenn Newson

Kate Elgar

Kate Elgar

Craig Tarr

Craig Tarr

Mary Ann Smith

Mary Ann Smith

Imran Lokhon

Imran Lokhon

Hayley Andrews

Hayley Andrews

Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews

Is This For Me?

The Innovation Property Training Track is for anyone looking to Build An Income Stream From UK Property With Little To No Starting Capital Available To Get Started…

“Let’s Make It Happen Together…”

See How Others Have Got On

Video Testimonials

Martain & Abraham – Australia

Wannes Van Houtven – Belgium

Yang Cui – Amsterdam

Natalie and Yoni – Hong Kong

Click below to find our more from our students:

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve read all about this great Property Training Track and the support and resources you get with it, now is the time to take action – sign up for the Programme and start to achieve your goals.

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Take Control Of Your Destiny – ACT NOW!

“The most life destroying word of all is the word tomorrow.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

Take Action With The Innovation Property Training Track


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  • 1-2-1 coaching from a UK property expert
  • 3 specialist creative UK property strategies
  • Access to a proven UK wide Power Team
  • Access to “Property Wealth Fundamentals”
  • Lifetime access to your secure private Education Hub
  • Access to the YFE Alumni & Affiliate Programme
  • Lifetime support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my own Mentor?

Absolutely you do. We will also work with you to help you decide on the best Mentor that fits your overall goals, objectives and current circumstances.

How quickly can I start the process after I sign up to the programme?

You can start immediately after successfully placing your order. The YFE Admin Team are ready and waiting to get your journey with YFE underway and will handle all of the scheduling, appointment setting with your Mentor and everything else needed to ensure you have the best experience imaginable.

What happens after I place my order?

After placing your order a member of the YFE Admin Team will contact you very quickly and detail the next steps, such as getting you access to your secure YFE Education Hub, arranging the date for your Mentorship, sorting your accommodation etc.

How long will I have access to the training material?

The training material is yours for life. Not only that but you also get for FREE any updates that are made to the content in the future.

What device can I use to watch any online training?

You can watch the online training on any device such as a PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, iPad, Tablet, and even a Smartphone.

Can I ask my Mentor questions after the Mentorship?

Absolutely – the three days with your Mentor is just a part of the overall Property Wealth Mentorship. You have access to your Mentor and also the YFE Facebook Support Group (Lifetime access).

What's your affiliate programme?

Every person that purchases a training programme through YFE automatically becomes an Affiliate for the company (this is free). With this you get your own affiliate link and code. If someone purchases a new training programme with your affiliate link or code you get a % of the sale fee. It is a great way to have an additional income stream and earn your training fees back.

What if I need additional support?

The programme itself gives you everything that you need to setup and operate your UK property business – and you also have access to the Facebook Support Group and your Mentor. However, we understand that some people may want additional support to help them – THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL. Every student that is trained by Your Freedom Empire has access to the YFE Alumni. Within there as well as FREE resources you can also purchase additional support such as the YFE Mastermind Group, YFE Deal Clinic, and a whole array of other support resources to assist you in your journey and help you fulfil your potential.