Innovative Strategies In Property And Finance

The Quickest Way To Raise Money For Your Business, Structure High Yielding Deals & Build Long Lasting WIN / WIN Business Relationships

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

— John Quincy Adams

What Is This Strategy?

‘Innovative Strategies In Property And Finance’ Is The Course That Will Ensure You Never Run Out Of Money For Buying Property And Always Have An Innovative Buying Strategy To Hand!

The success of your property business depends on the relationships you build, the strategies you implement and the money you raise. Having these necessary skill sets to hand will amplify your success and have you be the ultimate solution finder and problem solver.

Look no further and gain the tools and strategies you need to raise funds and structure deals, anytime and anywhere in the world.

What Are The Benefits?

Raise Private Finance Effortlessly

Become a master at raising private finance. Learn how to create effortless win win business relationships and attract all the funding you will ever need.

Dissolve Barriers To Your Success

Become the ultimate solution finder by evolving your creativity. Learn how to expand and grow your mindset and be able to dissolve barriers to your success.

Become A Cash Machine

Acquiring money in life doesn’t just come from an income and a savings jar. Learn the strategies that will have you creating money and learn how to manage it easily and effectively.

Find The Deals You Need

Become the master property deal finder. Secure the next cash flowing investment for yourself and learn how to monetise every property deal.

Poor Credit, No Problem!

No credit footprint to kick start your property journey? In this course learn top strategies that allow you to build cash flow even with the poorest of credit.

Creativity Across Your Property Journey

Be 120% certain on how to structure your next property deal. This course enables you to become the best and creative version of your property self for years to come.

Course Modules

The ‘Innovative Strategies In Property And Finance’ course gives you the most important aspects that you need to create a strong, flourishing and steadfast business that will stand the tests of time. The modules covered in the course include:

Part 1: Module 1: Introduction And Are You Mindset Ready For Creative Finance?

    • Get mindset ready!
    • How to break negative beliefs around money
    • Your money blueprint
    • Why you must learn to become innovative

Module 2: Loans, Credit Cards, P2P & Vendor Finance

    • Different types of institutional money
    • How to manage these types of funding
    • What cost of finance works for you?

Module 3: Private Finance Your Limitless Pot

    • Raising private finance, documents and security
    • How to network effectively and effortlessly
    • KPI tracking system
    • Confidence skills

Module 4: You Are A Cash Machine

    • Money management
    • Creating time through outsourcing
    • Learn how to create money with what you have!

Module 5: The Power Of Social Media

    • Why you need an online presence
    • How to utilise online channels in the best way for your business
    • Social media platforms and website set up and management
    • How to create valuable and attractive content to raise funding

Module 6: The Power Of Creativity

    • What is creativity and why is it imperative for your business?
    • Learn the tools and strategies to break through mental blocks
    • Become the ultimate solution finder and problem solver

Module 7: Ultimate Sales, Relationships & Negotiation

    • Learn the most common mistakes people make so you don’t make them!
    • Build exceptional rapport quickly and effortlessly
    • How to make negotiation fun and easy
    • Make an impact!

Part 2: Module 8: Equity Release & Mortgages

    • Utilise lending to your advantage
    • Your leverage mindset
    • Using equity to grow your portfolio

Module 9: Bridging Finance & Portfolio Lending

    • How to secure lending with speed
    • Lending options for new property investors
    • Buying assets in bulk

Module 10: Leasehold, Freehold & Asset Stripping

    • Myths and rights with freehold and leasehold
    • Freehold to leasehold strategy
    • Maximising your wholesale assets to sell retail for huge margins

Module 11: Maximising Your Relationship with Your Mortgage Broker

    • How to build awesome healthy relationships with your finance experts
    • Be the investor every broker wants to do business with
    • Create a win / win relationship and secure lending time and time again

Module 12: Sourcing Your Way To Cash Flow

    • How to monetize every property you decide not to buy
    • How to build your support (success) team!
    • Sourcing compliance

Module 13: Lease Options, Purchase, Sandwich & Assisted Sales

    • The power of lease options
    • Generate high monthly income with little seed capital
    • Process to secure options
    • Secure yourself time to raise that deposit

Module 14: Marketing For Motivated Sellers

    • Marketing techniques
    • Building systems
    • Tools to track, review and close new investment purchases

What’s Included In The Course?

14 Modules

Teaching everything you need to run your Property Business in a Innovative and Creative way

Enhanced Learning Worksheets

After each module there is an ‘Enhanced Learning Worksheet’ to complete. These have been carefully designed to cement and solidify your learning and  ensure you take the steps to ensure your business succeeds.

Expert Support

Access to both of your course presenters for the duration of the course and for 30 days after completion. This is invaluable whilst you embark on this course as if any challenge, query or question arises you can get the support you need and leave no stone unturned.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime support via the YFE Online Courses Private Facebook Group

Additional Bonuses

Additional Bonuses specific to this Online Course

Earn Your Training Fees Back

Get a special rate for the YFE Affiliate Programme – allowing you to earn your training fees back and then some

“I would just like to say a massive thank you for the course material!!!! So much incredible items in there. I especially love the contracts and your graphic house manual, thanks again for an amazing course! I will keep in touch.”

— Andrew Roxan

About The Trainers

Imran Lokhon & Kate Elgar

(Investors, Business Owners, Mentors, Trainers, & Professional Speakers)

Imran and Kate are the co-presenters of ‘Innovative Strategies In Property And Finance’.

Imran is a UK property developer with over a decade of experience from local government planning and urban regeneration to developing multi million pound developments. His unique skill set and passion for helping others to achieve their goals is amplified by his many years in local government planning, urban-housing and community work. Imran has been fortunate to speak internationally on UK property investment. Imran has a massive spark to help people succeed both personally and professionally. 

Kate is an accredited Living Practitioner, Nutritionist and qualified Life Coach with businesses in property, health and wellness and business services. She has been privileged to speak both in the UK and internationally in these areas. Kate is passionate about working with people to upgrade their health and vitality, mindset and businesses and thrives on empowering others and finding solutions. 

Implementing innovative strategies in property and finance have been key for both Imran and Kate in their businesses. It is an area they are both passionate about and thoroughly love teaching. This is why they have joined forces and created this exceptional course that is imperative for any property business owner.

This Online Course Allows You To Learn At Your Pace And In Your Own Surroundings.

Is This For Me?

This Course Is For Anyone That Wants To Raise Money For Their Business Quickly, Learn Creative Strategies And Take Unstoppable Action To Kick Start Your Property Business.

It is also a great course for the following reasons:

You will learn the strategies on how to raise limitless funds for your business

You will learn how to structure creative deals that are a win for all

You will learn how to attract the opportunities that others miss and become the ultimate problem solver

You will learn the strategies on how to manage and protect your money and cash flow

You will learn how to clearly plan every property deal and be the solution to every motivated seller

You will learn how to have an unstoppable mindset and build long lasting business relationships.

What’s Next?

“Success doesn't come to you. You go to it.”

— Marva Collins

Now that you’ve read all about this great course and the support and resources you get with it, now is the time to take action – sign up for the course and start to achieve your goals.


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