Power Your Way To Success With Nutrition And Fitness

The Quickest Way to Transform Yourself And Succeed In Business With Nutrition And Fitness

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

What Is This Course?

‘Power Your Way To Success With Nutrition and Fitness’ Is An Empowering Course That Will Enhance, Elevate & Transform Your Business

The wellbeing, vitality and strength of your body and mind is the foundation of your success. Through learning how to fuel, support and heal your best asset, you will make better decisions, become more influential, and increase your earning power dramatically. Stop just surviving and start thriving now to lead a healthy, powerful, and fulfilled life.

What Are The Benefits?

Raise Your Game

Elevate and enhance your standard of health, wellness and vitality and make huge impacts in your business, career, home life and relationships.

Empower Yourself

Become empowered to make easy, exciting, and hugely beneficial changes, and set and stick to a new powerful standard of living.

Enhance Your Energy & Maximise Productivity Levels

By learning how to work with your body and mind you will be able to get more done, in less time, and still feel vital in body and mind.

Gain Confidence In The Power Of Your Body

Once you understand that you body has the most incredible healing power and it is your best asset, you will gain enormous confidence into what you can achieve…and go on to achieve it!

Minimise Burnout and Stress

Transform your body to minimise your time off sick, injured and stressed and stop burnout, chronic pain and disability.

Gain Powerful Insights

Become a leader by gaining insight into the debilitating issues you or your loved ones may have and make a powerful impact in by influencing their health and longevity.

Course Modules

The ‘Power Your Way To Nutrition and Fitness’ course gives you the most important aspects that you need to create a strong foundation for success in your business, career, home life and relationships. The course modules include:

Part 1: Module 1: What Does Your Current Health and Wellness Path Look Like?

    • Introduction to your course presenters
    • What you are going to learn from the course
    • Your current health and wellness path
    • Introduction to nutrition and why it is fundamental to success

Module 2: Longevity and The Gremlins That Rob Your Youth

    • Five gremlins that are robbing your youth
    • Is your water toxic?
    • The problems with an acidic diet
    • The #1 thing you MUST have to be able to heal, rejuvenate effectively

Module 3: Your Powerful Brain

    • What destroys your brain power?
    • Instant brain enhancers
    • Stop mental health issues and Alzheimer’s

Module 4: Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

    • Men: How to increase your listening power
    • Women: How to be more fulfilled and balanced in a relationship
    • Natural remedies for a happier man and a happier lady

Module 5: Men’s Health and Women’s Health

    • The #1 nutrient for ANY man
    • The andropause and the menopause
    • Men: How to stop man boobs
    • Women: Balance your hormones and keep your womanly vibe

Module 6: Is Your Immune System a Warrior?

    • Keeping viruses at bay
    • Allergies and intolerances
    • The power of gut health
    • Fear and the immune system

Module 7: Life Hacks & Your Action Plan

    • Dirty vs clean foods
    • Easy weight loss
    • Immediate and easy to implement health hacks
    • Let’s upgrade your kitchen
    • Your action plan!

Part 2: Module 8: Is Your Past Holding You Back From Progression Growth and Success?

    • Address injuries and problems in your past history
    • Correct your posture, stop your risk of injury
    • Improve your physical wellbeing and enhance your business performance

Module 9: Setting Up Your Work Environment for Success

    • Why your work environment could be inhibiting your success
    • Setting up your work environment for success
    • Quick, easy and simple strategies to save your body in the long term

Module 10: Be Flexible, Be Mobile, Be Awesome

    • Why movement and stretching is key for optimal and powerful posture
    • Desk exercise routines for productivity and clarity
    • Taking physical success outside the workplace

Module 11: Your Core Is The Root Of Your Power

    • Strength based training for all
    • Why your core is your super power
    • How to easily apply strength based training in your life

Module 12: What Is Stopping Your From Achieving Long Lasting Change?

    • What are your main barriers to physical success?
    • Tools and strategies to ensure long term changes
    • Finding your passions
    • Create new habits and create a new and empowering life!

What’s Included In The Course?

12 Modules

Giving you everything you need to transform yourself and succeed in business with nutrition and fitness

Enhanced Learning Worksheets

After each module there is an ‘Enhanced Learning Worksheet’ to complete. These have been carefully designed to cement and solidify your learning and ensure you take the steps to upgrade your physical wellbeing, vitality and wellness for ultimate life success.

Expert Support

Access to both of your course presenters for the duration of the course and for 30 days after completion. Having access to nutrition and physical wellbeing experts is paramount whilst you embark on this course, as if any challenge, query or question you can get the support you need and leave no stone unturned.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime support via the YFE Online Courses Private Facebook Group

Additional Bonuses

Two free Ebooks:

  • Ebook: ‘From Poor Posture to Workout Legend’
  • Ebook: ‘Empowering and Balanced Recipes to Fuel Your Day’
Earn Your Training Fees Back

Get a special rate for the YFE Affiliate Programme – allowing you to earn your training fees back and then some

“I have been astounded with the amount of in depth material on this course. I have had challenges with pain, fatigue and overwhelm on a consistent basis in my business and thought that this was just the ‘norm’. However by learning and implementing both what Kate and Louise have taught me, the results not only in my business but in my relationships too have been monumental, not to mention income generating. Also the prompt support throughout the course has been invaluable. Thank you very much! ”

— Jo Wakefield

About The Trainers

Kate and Louise

Kate Elgar DLP. CLC & Louise Pratley M.Ost Med

Kate and Louise are the co-presenters and co-creators of the ‘Power Your Way To Success With Fitness and Nutrition Course’.

Kate is an accredited Living Practitioner, Nutritionist and qualified Life Coach with multiple businesses in property, health and wellness and business services. She has been privileged to speak both in the UK and internationally in these areas. Kate is passionate about working with people to upgrade their health and vitality, mindset and businesses and thrives on empowering others and finding solutions.

Louise is an award winning Osteopath, sports masseuse and bikini competitor. She has businesses that cater for the fitness professional, for clients in need of osteopathy and also clients requiring performance training. Louise is passionate about working with people to help them move past their own personal history so that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. And in turn, this allows people to achieve more for their body that they ever thought possible.

Nutrition and fitness have been fundamental for both Kate and Louise in the success of their businesses and in their lives. By having challenging moments and situations, it really made them understand that having a vital, well, and strong body and mind is paramount for success. This is why Kate and Louise have joined forces to create this highly influential, knowledgeable and impactful course – ‘Power Your Way To Success With Nutrition and Fitness’

This Online Course Allows You To Learn At Your Pace And In Your Own Surroundings.

Is This For Me?

This Course Is For Anyone That Wants To Transform Themselves And Exponentially Increase The Success of Their Business, Career and Home Life.

Gain Powerful Knowledge And Insights Quickly That Will Enhance Your Productivity, Energy, Wellness And Longevity – And Empower Your Loved Ones Too

It is also a great course for the following reasons:

You want to increase your brain power for smarter business decisions

You have aches, pains or an issue that is debilitating you and you want to learn how to support it and maybe even alleviate it

You want to have more clarity, feel more confident and want to learn how to keep your body and mind young – both on the inside and out!

Learn the secrets to longevity and enter your more mature years with grace and confidence

Learn the strategies to stop burnout and stress so you can expand your business with confidence and ease

What’s Next?

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”

— Arnold Glasow

Now that you’ve read all about this great course and the support and resources you get with it, now is the time to take action – sign up for the course and start to achieve your goals.


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Aristotle

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Yes, absolutely. The course will be yours to start immediately as soon as your order is successful.

How long will I have access to the course for?

The course is yours for life. Not only that but you also get for FREE any updates that are made to the course in the future (as well as any content changes).

What device can I use to watch the course?

You can watch the course on any device such as a PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, iPad, Tablet, and even a Smartphone.

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Absolutely – included in the purchase of the course is access to the YFE Online Course Facebook Support Group (Lifetime access).

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What if I need additional support?

The course trainers will be available for the duration of you undertaking the course and then afterwards via the Private YFE Online Health Courses