Property Renovation 101

The Buy, Refurb, Rent, Refinance (BRRR) or Sell Strategy That You Need To Know To Succeed!

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

— Andrew Carnegie

What Is This Strategy?

Property Renovation 101 will show you the key concepts needed to adopt the BRRR or sell phenomena to give your property business fantastic results.

In a nutshell property renovation is finding and securing a property that you can add value to (using a variety of different methods) and then either keeping the property in your portfolio to collect the positive cashflow from it each and every month OR selling the property for a profit.

What Will You Learn?

Where to find properties for renovation
Where To Find and deal with distressed buyers
How to carry out due diligence and research
How to cost a renovation and building works
How to Fund your property renovations
How To Negotiate Your Property Deals

Course Modules

The Property Renovation 101 course gives you everything that you need to adopt the BRRR or sell process for your property business. The modules covered in the course include:


    • Welcome to the course
    • Your course presenter
    • Your course schedule

Module 1

    • Mindset

Module 2

    • Distressed strategies

 Module 3

    • Type of distressed property

Module 4

    • Types of distressed sellers

Module 5

    • Where to find distressed property deals

Module 6

    • Research and due diligence

Module 7

    • An onsite viewing

Module 8

    • Who you need in your team

Module 9

    • Costing works and projects

Module 10

    • Deal sheet exercise and review

Module 11

    • Hints and tips for Flips, HMO’s and BTL’s

Module 12

    • Finance ideas

Module 13

    • Character types and negotiations

The Wrap Up

    • End of course

What’s Included In The Course?

13 Modules

Teaching everything you need to renovate properties in the UK

Due Diligence Analysis Sheets

Step by step guides to use when doing area and property analysis

Calculation Sheets

Helping you to analyse deals quickly and efficiently


What to say when negotiating your property deals

Lifetime Support

Lifetime support via the YFE Online Courses Private Facebook Group

Additional Bonuses

Additional Bonuses specific to this Online Course

Earn Your Training Fees Back

Get a special rate for the YFE Affiliate Programme – allowing you to earn your training fees back and then some

“Very friendly, ice-breaking person, good expert. Thank you, Glenn.”

— Georgi and Daniela

About Your Trainer

Glenn Newson

(Investor, Business Owner, Mentor, Trainer, & International Speaker)

Glenn moved to the UK in July 1999 and spent the next 8 years building a medium / large electrical contracting business as well as buying and renovating his own properties. In 2008 he picked up a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad which increased his interest in property massively.

Such was the impact the book had on Glenn, in 2009 he made the decision to sell his hard built and successful electrical business and immersed himself fully in getting educated in property investment. This decision has enabled Glenn to build a large portfolio of cash flowing HMO’s whilst in parallel increasing the number of refurbishments completed whilst also starting two new businesses (one in property sourcing and one in HMO property management).

In 2014 he realised another unknown passion he had which was to help others down the
same path he have travelled with his property training; and so began to educate other investors on how to adopt and implement the various strategies he uses to invest in the UK property market. To date he has helped and guided hundreds of investors towards their goals.

Glenn’s property portfolio has been recognised locally when he was awarded BBC 1 York’s “Best Flat in Town” and he now also runs a local monthly investor meetup.

This online course is a digital version of Glenn’s Property Renovation 101 Classroom Training, allowing you to learn all about the strategy at your own pace and surroundings.

What’s Next?

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”

— Arnold Glasow

Now that you’ve read all about this great course and the support and resources you get with it, now is the time to take action – sign up for the course and start to achieve your goals.


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