The Quickest Way To Build Cashflow From Property You Do Not Own

“Successful people ask questions. They seek new teachers. They’re always learning.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

What Is This Strategy?

Rent 2 Rent is a fantastic strategy to obtain cash flow from properties that you do not own!

In a nutshell you are controlling someone else’s property with the objective of making a profit from the property each and every month during the term of the agreement with the owner of the property.

The strategy has actually been around in the UK for a long time but only in recent years become more of a mainstream strategy.

What Are The Benefits?

No Buying Process

Because you are not buying the property you do not have the usual process of 6 weeks+ to acquire the property.

Lower Setup Costs

Again as we are not buying the property we do not have the associated setup costs such as finding a deposit, stamp duty, lender arrangement fees, broker fees, etc.

Build Credibility and a Footprint

Struggling to prove your experience of a given strategy to a lender? Can’t get lending or paying higher interest rates due to a lack of experience? Rent 2 Rent can help with all of this.

Platform For Other Strategies

Rent 2 Rent can be used as great platform to get into other strategies within the property industry. This course we show you exactly how.

Course Modules

The Rent 2 Rent Cashflow Fast Track course gives you everything that you need to setup and operate your Rent 2 Rent Business. The modules covered in the course include:


    • Your course presenters
    • What you are going to learn
    • Goal setting and mindset

Module 1

    • Rent 2 Rent and the different strategies
    • What to avoid and what to achieve

Module 2

    • The Let 2 Multi-let strategy
    • How will it work?
    • Example layouts
    • Viewing a potential property

 Module 3

    • Area research and demand
    • Tenant research
    • Sample adverts

Module 4

    • HMO licensing
    • Planning
    • HHSRS
    • Legal obligations
    • Protect yourself
    • Compliance

Module 5

    • Subletting and your legal rights
    • Different contract types
    • Quiz time

Module 6

    • General setup and costings
    • How to dress and market your room
    • Self-manage or outsource

Module 7

    • How to calculate a deal
    • The Rent 2 Multi Let calculator
    • Property layout exercises
    • Rent 2 Multi-Let due diligence

Module 8

    • How to negotiate with agents and Landlords
    • Role play

Module 9

    • Case study examples
    • Your support partners
    • Rent 2 Rent Blueprint
    • Re-affirm your Why

Module 10

    • Call to action
    • Hold yourself accountable

Module 11

    • Bonus module to re-cap and confirm your knowledge

Bonus Module(s)

    • Additional resources for you and your Rent 2 Rent business – from branding your business for success, accountancy and tax, and much more

Let’s Make It Happen

    • Implementing the strategy to achieve your goals and objectives
    • Now is the time

What’s Included In The Course?

11 Modules

Teaching everything you need to run your Rent 2 Rent business


All the agreements that we use within our Rent 2 Rent business

Due Diligence Analysis Sheets

Step by step guides to use when doing area and property analysis

Calculation Sheets

Helping you to analyse deals quickly and efficiently


What to say when negotiating with Landlords and Agents

House Documents Pack

Lots of useful documents to use in your Rent 2 Rent properties

Lifetime Support

Lifetime support via the YFE Online Courses Private Facebook Group

Additional Bonuses

Additional Bonuses specific to this Online Course

Earn Your Training Fees Back

Get a special rate for the YFE Affiliate Programme – allowing you to earn your training fees back and then some

“I would just like to say a massive thank you for the course material!!!! So much incredible items in there. I especially love the contracts and your graphic house manual, thanks again for an amazing course! I will keep in touch.”

— Andrew Roxan

About The Trainers

hayley, paul

Hayley & Paul Andrews

(Investors, Business Owners, Mentors, Trainers, & Professional Speakers)

Hayley and Paul Andrews are the co-founders of Your Freedom Empire and began investing back in 2002 when they purchased their first Buy To Let (BTL) property. From there they expanded their portfolio the “traditional” method by saving deposit monies from their “jobs” and making property purchases one by one.

When a life changing event occurred in their life, they were forced to take much greater control of their finances and life in general. Through readings such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Rich Woman”, they discovered that property and business with the correct training and action was the answer to the situation they found themselves in.

The Rent 2 Rent strategy played a key role in them securing financial freedom and to this day plays a large part in their property business. They took this real life experience and wrote a course and have trained hundreds and hundreds of students in the strategy since 2017.

This online course is a digital version of their successful Rent 2 Rent course, allowing you to learn all about the strategy at your own pace and surroundings.

Is This For Me?

This course is for anyone that wants to get cashflow from property quickly – even if you already have a portfolio.

It is also a great course for the following reasons:

You have little starting capital

You have little to no experience

You want to “test” an area and strategy before buying

You need to get up and running quickly

What’s Next?

“Successful people take big risks knowing that they might fall hard. But, they might succeed more than they ever dreamed too.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

Now that you’ve read all about this great course and the support and resources you get with it, now is the time to take action – sign up for the course and start to achieve your goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start the course as soon as I've placed my order?

Yes, absolutely. The course will be yours to start immediately as soon as your order is successful.

How long will I have access to the course for?

The course is yours for life. Not only that but you also get for FREE any updates that are made to the course in the future (as well as any content changes).

What device can I use to watch the course?

You can watch the course on any device such as a PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, iPad, Tablet, and even a Smartphone.

Can I ask the trainer questions?

Absolutely – included in the purchase of the course is access to the YFE Online Course Facebook Support Group (Lifetime access).

What's your affiliate programme?

Every person that purchases a training programme automatically becomes an Affiliate for the company (this is free). With this you get your own affiliate link and code. If someone purchases a new training programme with your affiliate link or code you get a % of the sale fee. It is a great way to have an additional income stream and earn your training fees back. Check out our Affiliates page on our website for more information.

What if I need additional support?

The course itself gives you everything that you need to setup and operate your Rent 2 Rent business – and you also have access to the Facebook Support Group. However, we understand that some people may want additional support to help them – THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL. Every student that is trained by Your Freedom Empire has access to the YFE Alumni. Within there as well as FREE resources you can also purchase additional support such as the YFE Mastermind Group, YFE Deal Clinic, and a whole array of other support resources to assist you in your journey and help you fulfil your potential.