“If you think being an entrepreneur is risky, try working for someone else for 40 years and living off social security”

— Warren Buffett

Welcome To Our Property Training Tracks

The Your Freedom Empire Property Training Tracks are our specially designed 12 month training programmes to get you from Where You Are Now to Where You Want To Be. Each track has been put together based on our own experiences within the property and business sectors.

The tracks take into account your own circumstances, and we have options to cater for all scenarios and individual needs.

Best of all – YOU CAN START IMMEDIATELY. There’s no need to wait for live events, scheduling or anything like that. As soon as you order your given Property Training Track you can get underway STRAIGHT AWAY.

Which Property Training Track Should I Choose?

Test The Water

Just want to test the water but have an expert with you over the next 12 months to guide you? Our Alpha Track is the one for you.

Low Starting Capital

Have low starting capital but can see the value of investing and operating within the UK property market then the Innovation Track is the one for you. It will show you various creative ways to create revenue and wealth from day 1.

The “Full Shebang”

Want a more rounded programme covering a number of different property strategies and how to apply them – then the Success Track is for you.


YFE Mentor

With each Property Training Track you get our flagship Property Wealth Mentorship with your own dedicated Property Mentor. Your Mentorship is very much a hand holding journey with one of our experienced and active mentors, who will help define and shape your strategy and work with you to get your business up and running the correct way that meets your goals.


YFE Support

Also with each Property Training Track you get access to the Your Freedom Empire Support Studio so you can rest assured that someone is available to help you with your goals each and every step of the way over the next 12 months.

The YFE Support Studio

The Your Freedom Empire Support Studio is your one stop shop for help and support over the 12 months (and beyond) of your chosen Property Training Track. Here’s what you get:

Support Studio Lite

Facebook Group Lifetime Membership

YFE Help Desk

YFE Support Buddy

YFE Alumni

YFE Affiliate Programme

Support Studio Full

Facebook Group Lifetime Membership

A Day In The Life Of

YFE Help Desk

YFE Deal Clinic

YFE Support Buddy

YFE Brick Wall Workshop

YFE Alumni

YFE Affiliate Programme

What Happens After 12 Months?

So after 12 months is that it in terms of the support? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Each student that goes through a Property Training Track gets inducted into the YFE Alumni – where you get on-going Life Time Support within the Your Freedom Empire Community.

We also realise that some students require more support – that’s fine as well. Within the YFE Alumni you can also “bolt-on” additional support to meet your individual needs.

The Property Training Tracks

Time or Travel Issues?

Have time or travel issues? Can’t get to us or the UK in general? No problem at all as we also have our Virtual Training Tracks – where the whole programme (including your Property Wealth Mentorship) is conducted online and remotely.